Welcome to Baltimore Woods!

Join us on September 16th for our Urban Weeds Workshop! Hosted by Friends of Baltimore Woods.

Join us for our one-hour weekly work parties in the Baltimore Woods Meadow, every Thursday evening, from 7pm – 8pm.

Meet us at the FoBW toolbox. From Lombard, take N Catlin toward the river. Go downhill to the end of Catlin, pass through the gate, and bear right into the paved parking area. The meadow, and the toolbox, are where the pavement ends. Please wear long sleeves and pants and sturdy shoes. Bring your own water. FoBW supplies gloves and all tools and equipment needed.


bwmap2-791x1024Baltimore Woods is a 30 acre strip of woods and green space between the residential and industrial areas of the neighborhood between Cathedral Park and Pier Park. It is a green buffer of native Oregon white oak, maple trees and native plants. It provides a natural wildlife connectivity corridor, native oak habitat and watershed enhancement. While less than 2% of the original Willamette Valley oak woodland remains, Baltimore Woods has remnant native oak stands that provide unusually high value food and shelter for a variety of birds and mammals that feed on acorns in the winter and forage for insects among its many lichens and mosses.

Baltimore Woods is named for its gateway on North Baltimore Street in the St. Johns and Cathedral Park neighborhoods. Rich in local history, the woods is located at the heart of the original St. Johns land claim by the pioneer Loomis family in 1850, near the native American and pioneer cemeteries. It’s also the site where Lewis and Clark traveled and camped in 1806.

Baltimore Woods fills a gap in the North Portland Willamette Greenway Trail that will run from Kelley Point Park in the north of Portland to the East Bank Esplanade in southeast Portland. It also will close a gap in the 40-mile Loop Trail that circles the Portland metro area.