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Portland, Oregon, has a valuable yet little known natural resource that is in danger of being lost: Baltimore Woods.

intentional debris 2The 30-acre Baltimore Woods Connectivity Corridor fills a critical gap in the Willamette Greenway and regional 40-Mile Loop bicycling and walking trails, situated between Cathedral and Pier Parks in North Portland. This unique urban greenway, recognized for its special habitat value to plants and wildlife, faces threats from invasive species and development pressures that could eventually spoil its natural value. The Friends of Baltimore Woods is dedicated to preserving and restoring this corridor, and we encourage you to join us.

This remnant native woods features such trees as Oregon white oak, madrone, and broad-leaf maple and provides food and shelter for a variety of birds, mammals, and other species.

Restoring Baltimore Woods will:

  • Improve the Willamette River watershed’s health by filtering storm runoff so pollutants are not carried into the river
  • Keep a natural buffer between residential and industrial neighbors
  • Provide excellent views of the Willamette River, St. Johns Bridge, Forest Park and the vibrant working harbor
  • Enhance native habitat
  • Offer trail users opportunities for recreation, education, and a natural experience for walkers and bicyclists, away from auto traffic