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22 April, 2017
9am - 12pm
Decatur, between the Big Charred Fir and the New Power Pole (at CPP), N Baltimore Ave and Decatur Street, Portland, OR

Either way, by paper or website, it’s important for all of us to sign up through SOLVE, so it gets full credit from its funders. The work party will take place on Decatur in the area between the Big Charred Fir and the New Power Pole. We have not worked in this area for several years. The natives we planted there are fairly well established, but now are being by the usual invasives, especially blackberry and clematis.

For nearly a decade, SOLVE, and the local “Friends” group (FoBW) have worked together to develop a new parkland in St. Johns, a natural area called Baltimore Woods. As the city acquired land, lot-by-lot, SOLVE and FoBW cleared the land of trash and invasive weeds, and then planted native flowers, shrubs and trees. The goal is to return Baltimore Woods to its natural, oak savanna habitat. Every year, the stewards of Baltimore Woods revisit past planting site to assess progress, and identify problems. Sometimes they come across a site where invasive weed are encroaching again, even threatening to overtake to native plants there. The best option in such a case, is to call in a “rescue” work party. On Saturday, 4/22 (Earth Day), SOLVE and FoBW are leading a rescue party in Baltimore Woods. The site was first planted 3+ years ago, and the native plants there are now threatened by aggressive weeds, including invasive clematis and Himalayan blackberry. Our mission is to liberate the native plants from the invaders, remove blackberry roots so they won’t regrow, and suppress aggressive weeds by pulling, tramping and mulching. The work is physical but not too strenuous for volunteers 10-years-old and up. The terrain is hilly, and in some places steep, so boots or sturdy shoes are recommended. Leather gloves and forearm protection will be provided for those who choose to take on the dreaded blackberry. Tools and guidance will be provided by Portland Parks and Recreation, refreshments and camaraderie, by the local Friend of Baltimore Woods. Activities include: Invasive Plant Removal, Litter Cleanup, Maintenance & Monitoring.