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WE NEED YOU. We’re a happy group, here at FoBW. We work well together, we get a lot done, and we do a lot of laughing. There’s nothing like the satisfaction of preserving another piece in the puzzle that is Baltimore Woods, and then getting it started on the road to restoration. Seeing wildflowers blooming in what was a parking lot, and baby white oaks planted that will be giant white oaks shading a whole ecosystem a couple of generations down the road. But in the last couple of years it just happens that several of the most active FoBW members have had family medical disasters and have needed to step back some. We’re still getting a lot done, but we need more people to pick up the slack!

We need to fill many volunteer jobs, but we’re focusing on a few at a time. The three people we’re looking for right now are:

* A work-party setup coordinator. About six times a year, work parties for Baltimore Woods are scheduled through SOLVE or other outside organizations. This person will do things like place the temporary outdoor signs, make sure the tools and gloves are ready, do the little orientation speech and safety talk (yes, there’s notes you can use), set up the table, canopy, and coffee—that kind of thing—or arrange for someone else to do these things.
* A volunteer follow-up coordinator. At each of our events, a few people sign up to volunteer with FoBW. We need someone who will get back with each of these people and chat them up. We have boilerplate emails to use for the purpose, and you can use an established script for a phone call. However you do it—get that person to a meeting, or get them to work on some project.
* A volunteer scheduler for events. We have about six events per year (other than work parties) that require volunteer participation, such as the FoBW plant sale or a farmers market table. This person will email or phone people who are already on our volunteering list and schedule them for shifts at whichever event is coming up.

If you are one of these three people, please talk to us! We also have a full list of other jobs that need doing. Speak up and email us here, or come to a general meeting. The meetings are every third Tuesday at 6:30pm at the BES water lab, 6543 N Burlington Ave, 97203.

Note: Guidance and support for all projects are provided by Friends of Baltimore Woods and our partner organizations. Many of these are perfect family activities!



 Planting native trees and plants, ecological restoration of Baltimore Woods with SOLVE and other partners (note: tools and gloves are provided)

Fundraising and Community Events

 Helping with setup and take-down the annual book sale and plant sale Collecting Books Distributing flyers and posters Working at the event, serving as cashier and helping customers

Education and Outreach

 Staffing the FOBW table at community events, answering questions and encouraging new volunteers Distributing flyers and posters Organizational Planning

I can contribute my professional expertise in:

 Wildlife habitat and native plants Grant Writing Artwork, sign making Legal matters Cultural History Working with students and interns

Please provide your email and we will be in touch. Thank you!

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